Ways to Protect Your Property from a Storm Surge in Tampa, FL

Ways to Protect Your Property from a Storm Surge

Storms can cause heavy rain and power breakouts, which causes many more problems for the residents. Hence, residents of Tampa Bay must know the necessary tips to prevent storm damage to their homes.

If proper precautions are not taken when necessary, the damage done by these natural disasters can be devastating. So, instead of ignoring the signs, it’s better to take the right preventive measures beforehand. Moreover, if you can’t handle things on your own, you can always opt for the best wind and storm restoration services in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Here are a few tips you can follow to protect your property from a storm surge in Tampa Bay, Florida.

·       Trim Your Trees

Storm damage prevention doesn’t just mean that you need to secure your house. You also need to make sure that others don’t get hurt because of the trees on your property. Those tall, beautiful trees might add to the aesthetics of your house but stormy winds can make them a danger for everyone. So, make sure you trim them so that they don’t hurt anyone.

·       Keep a Standby Power Source

High winds can disrupt the power lines of your area, and a heavy storm can even blow up the transformers. This is why you need to have a standby power system in your home as a backup. You can either buy a home generator or a power inverter device to keep the power on in the event of power outages.

·       Pack Up All Your Outdoor Decorations and Furniture

Your chairs, tea table, and couches might look great on your porch but during a storm, all these things can be hazardous for your property. Your outdoor furniture items can wreak havoc if they get picked up by high winds. Therefore, it is essential to pack away all your outdoor decorations to prevent your property from damage.

·       Install Storm Shutters

If you live in Tampa Bay, you probably already know that this area frequently gets hit with stormy winds. This is why you need to protect your house windows as soon as possible. This is because the turbulent winds of a storm can damage your windows quickly. Therefore, you need to install storm shutters on your windows to prevent them from shattering.

We hope these tips will help you prevent your house from storm damage. However, if you ever struggle to follow any of these tips, you can call EE&G Restoration  866.334.9111!


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