Flooding Can Happen Anywhere—So Be Prepared

Flooding Can Happen Anywhere
According to the Center for Neighborhood Technology, millions of homes across America are affected by urban flooding due to increased rains and the resulting overflow from rivers, streams, and coastal areas.¹ When it comes to flooding, Mother Nature has not been kind during the past few years.Americans face another type of emergency flooding—from inside their homes. The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety researched insurance claims to determine the most common types of water damage and their costs.
The most common cause of water damage comes from failed plumbing systems: the materials wear out, leading to pipe leaks or bursts. These types of incidents cost an average of $5,092—and that’s after the deductible.²Water damage is destructive and expensive, and it can have long-term consequences to your health and the value of your property. Fortunately, there are some precautions you can take to protect your home from the ravages of floods. One of the newest and most promising ways to avoid water damage is with a smart home monitoring system, as many newer models are compatible with flood and leak detectors. If flooding concerns you, talk to a home security provider about the types of water protection available.
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