How Mold Can Put Your Home in Danger

How Mold Can Put Your Home in Danger

Are you dealing with mold infestation at your place? You’re not alone.

Mold is a type of fungus that usually grows in damp and poorly-lit areas of a home. It is a serious cause for concern as it can put your health and home in danger. Your failure to call a mold removal service provider in time can result in more mold growth and affect your home’s structural integrity and resale value as well.

Mold May Cause Structural Damage To Your Home

Mold can destroy your personal belongings, such as furniture, shelving, carpets, and other movable items in your home. If you find mold on your furniture and similar items, replace the items immediately. However, with mold, you need to eliminate the root of the problem.

Mold can grow and spread, resulting in structural damage to your property if not removed properly the first time. Therefore, it is important to call specialists offering mold removal in Tampa to your house to find the root cause of mold and eliminate it before it gets out of control. If left ignored, mold can cause substantial damage to your property. However, your house is not the only thing at risk here; you and your family are as well.

Mold May Impact Your Health

Mold growth in your heating and air conditioning system can affect the air quality of your home. Some common symptoms of mold exposure include sore throat, headaches, runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, and fatigue. It can also trigger an asthma attack in people with asthma and cause a serious infection in people with an impaired immune system. If you or any member of your family shows one or more of these symptoms, contact a mold removal specialist immediately.

Does Your Home Have Mold?

The following signs indicate that you have a mold problem on your hands:

  • Black spores spreading on surfaces
  • Fighting cold or flu-like symptoms
  • Foul, musty, or damp odor in the air
  • Suffering from respiratory issues, making it difficult to breathe
  • Uneven patches on walls and floors

The Many Hiding Places of Mold

If you spot one or more signs of mold growth in your home, knowing the places it can hide can help you to locate it. Here are some common places mold can hide in your home:

·         Kitchen

Inspect any appliance that uses or produces moisture. Look behind your appliances, such as freezer, refrigerator, and ice dispenser. Additionally, look inside your cupboards and any external walls.

·         Bedroom

Inspect the mattress and window sills of each bedroom.

·         Attic and Vents

Visit your attic and inspect your heating and air conditioning vents. A leaky roof can encourage mold growth.

Did You Find Mold?

If you think mold is present in your home, search for a “mold remediation company near me” to visit your home and get rid of it. They will also fix all issues caused by mold. You can take preventative measures to prevent mold from returning by reducing the moisture level in the affected areas of your home and using air conditioners and dehumidifiers to keep the humidity level indoors below 60%.

You want the best mold removal in Tampa and EE&G Group brings you the best. Contact them today if you found or suspect mold growth at your place.