Water Damage Restoration Tips

When your house gets damaged by a burst pipe, leaky roof, or a flood, you need an expert for water damage restoration services. The skilled professionals at EE&G Restoration, LLC will repair the damage and restore your house or building back to its former state.

With that said, however, there are some water restoration tips you can follow to minimize the damage to the structure of your house and your belongings before the experts arrive:

Assess Safety

Before entering the premises of the area that has been damaged, you need to assess the safety first. It will probably be unsafe to enter the building depending on the damage that has been done. Water damage can weaken the structure of the building and may cause the ceilings to crumble as well. Electrical appliances are another threat causing an electric shock when they’re submerged in the water. You can also take safety precautions by wearing a surgical mask to avoid mold.

Get Rid of the Water

There are many ways to remove the water that wreaking havoc in your house. Water can be contained by using some buckets or old towels. Additionally, ensure that the sewers aren’t blocked so the water can be drained. It is always important to dry the whole area well enough otherwise it can be difficult to prevent mold growth.

Move the Furniture, Carpets, and Small Objects

The furniture must be moved away from the area that has been damaged. You can remove the rugs and leave them outside to dry. Wood stains can be left on your carpet if the furniture is exposed to moisture. The items made from metal can also leave rust stains. It would be a good option to use wood blocks to place under the furniture legs.

Dry the Affected Area

When all the water has been cleaned and soaked up from the carpets, fans or dehumidifiers can be used to dry the area completely. If the windows are left open, then ventilation would allow the air from outside to dry up the area much faster. If the drywall in your basement is affected, then you need to act promptly since it may crumble and maybe the perfect spot for mold.

Remember, these tips are just simple recommendations to follow in the event of an emergency. It is advised to wait for an expert before taking any action.

EE&G Restoration Services, LLC, has over 30 years of experience in mold remediation and fire, storm and water damage restoration. Our expertise has established us as the leading restoration company in Georgia and Florida.